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Why a Pilates Holiday Retreat?

Ever thought about getting away on a Pilates Retreat only to hear a little voice pop up in your head giving you every reason under the sun why you shouldn’t or can't? It’s totally normal to experience resistance to trying something new, we can even feel guilty when wanting to take time out for ourselves. We fill our minds with ‘what ifs’ and the opportunity passes. And so, we have provided some recurring and universal ‘what ifs’  followed by a few testimonials from our wonderful guests over the years…

What if….I can’t get the time off work? 

Ok well, first of all you do have to actually ask! Check the team calendar, talk to your manager, tell them how important experiencing a new adventure is to you; how much more productive it will make you in the work place, at making the teas, contributing to team meetings, whatever! It's all about negotiation. Propose to work overtime to make up the time, suggest unpaid leave even. Good Managers look out for their employees wellbeing and will try to be flexible to support you. So what are you waiting for? Book your leave! 

What if…. I won’t know anyone?


Holiday retreats bring like-minded people together. Interests are shared and new friendships are always made. Often, the less you know about others, the more you come to know about yourself. This sometimes allows the birth of new ideas and ambitions as parts of your hidden self are nurtured. We put everyone in touch on the lead up to their retreat via a group chat or email. If possible we plan a pre-retreat meet up.

What if….I’ve never done Pilates before?


Easily solved. You start where you are at and do what you can. We tailor our Pilates programme at beginner through to advanced level so you don't feel that you have to keep up, or that you miss out. Your safety is paramount to us, and our experienced teachers will ask you about any particular restrictions you may have so that exercises can be modified or equipment provided to support you. 


What if…. I get bored?

Boredom will be the least of your worries, but we  understand that you may feel a little daunted by the thought of having some free time on your hands, after escaping the office; children; dog; the best friend, e.t.c. That is why we like to include optional extras for you to enjoy, and will always encourage you to explore your new terrain! That said, you’ll be surprised at how beneficial it can be to simply switch off from ‘doing’ all the time, let your mind unwind and return to being a ‘human-being’. Just feel that body relax and blood pressure drop…


What if…..I’ve never travelled alone before? 


This one is not the end of the world. In fact it could be just the beginning. Solo travelling builds confidence; self esteem; brings new experiences; and boosts courage to try something new again, and again. In fact, when you’ve stepped outside of your comfort zone, you won’t want to travel back to it! Pre-retreat support is always available for the less experienced  traveller, we are only an email or phone-call away to help support you. Our arrival at success is quite simply dependent on your successful arrival.


What if ….I have special dietary requirements?


Our meals are carefully planned to ensure that your dietary needs are met. You will be asked to supply these when you book. Problem solved.


What if….I can’t afford a retreat right now? 

We now offer a payment plan on the We Travel payment platform allowing you to spread out the cost. You can also pay for your retreat via debit or credit card. The earlier you book your flights, the more likely you are to secure a good deal, so if you can cover the deposit go straight to Sky Scanner and secure the best deal to save your pennies. Ask yourself, if it is the case that you really can’t afford it right now. Review your finances, you may be surprised to find that with some juggling around you can. We would say it’s always a case that you can’t afford not to!


What our guests say....


''I was looked after very well, and nothing seemed like trouble when requested. The week went too quickly!"


To anyone like me who's first reaction when asked if I'd like to go on a Pilates Retreat was...'ha ha no thanks' Just do it! IT has been amazing, relaxing and totally pressure free..I'd do it again'  -  L. Anderson

"What a lovely relaxing time, thank your for a lovely week"

"I really enjoyed my week, excellent company, food, location and trips. I can go home feeling energised"​​

"A great short break in wonderful surroundings. A perfect balance of exercise and relaxation. The teaching was excellent and food was great"  - H.Pimney

"I enjoyed the chance to unwind, relax, enjoy companionship, laughter, and the treatments"

"A wonderful week led by two extremely professional and friendly women. The feeling of camaraderie with the other guests will last for a long time. I feel I've had years taken off me -I'm the old self I used to be before modern life and the stresses that come with it kicked in! Thank you for a great time!"  - G. Hamilton

"This break has given me a great opportunity to experience a wide variety of Pilates techniques. Pilates instruction brings awareness to the habits our bodies have adopted posturally, where we hold tension, the way we breath, our inner and outer balance - this awareness was honed in mindfully to help us exercise safely and effectively as well as connect.  Twice daily Pilates is not something that I would have willingly committed to at home but I have surprised myself and can really feel the benefit of discovering my core !
This has been a week of great company with a lovely group of mostly ladies and two brave men ! There has been a lot of laughing and connecting , interesting lively conversations, music and singing with a final of a Spanish guitarist and Flamenco dancer on the last night . The food has been so amazing and inspired me to try some new recipes, we have been incredibly spoilt by our hosts whilst we’ve kicked back and lounged in our sun loungers. Individual diets were catered for. The location is beautiful, the accommodation full of rustic charm and spacious. We had residents cats who had a job to do and chickens with abundant fresh eggs" - W. Allonby