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The longest 2 minutes and fastest hour of your week...? How about a summer break...?

The Plank exercise has become part of a staple Pilates Programme to maintain strength, improve posture both physically and mentally. It doesn't come without a few low grade moans and groans each week however, as I cue our most loved and (probably hated) exercise. I am firm and fair. I always give an option to keep it low (essential of course) and shout out at each 30 second bench mark. Because I teach such a wide range of levels, engaging my members is essential- Who likes to feel the frustration of being under-challenged? Generally I stick with 2 minutes max to hold a plank, which undoubtably for many feels like the longest 2 minutes of their week...

The sense of accomplishment and elevation in the room rises when finished. 'I did it!' ... 'I held it 10 seconds longer!' or 'I stayed the whole course', or for some maybe 'Thank goodness it's over'... Endorphin levels rise and I detect smiles and sometimes even hear laughter. The mood is good and the motivation thermometer is rising... the session continues and before you know it, the Pilates train of motion slows down and the session arrives back at the station. The hour has passed and I may even catch a few whispers ... "Where did that hour go?'

Getting the right mindset is really what it is all about in order to sustain the enjoyment of movement and exercise. And of course making the effort! Staying the course and remaining committed. Also essential is to make sure that your goals are achievable - if not, despondency will soon be knocking at your door. Be honest with yourself, you can only start where you and your body are at. By tapping into your greatest resource - your imagination - you can visualise where you want to be. If the mind can conceive your goal and your will power is strong enough, you will achieve it! (That is I hope, a sound healthy body and mind)

Having made glorious headway with the weather into the summer holidays, this is generally a quieter time for community Pilates classes, so why not think about doing something out of the ordinary this summer and take advantage of our last space at the beautiful El Molino Del Conde for a Pilates Holiday from 14th -21st Sept? This is being offered at £650 for a shared room for one lucky lady to share with a fabulous student of mine who is a real gem of a person. Enjoy practicing Pilates twice daily in stunning surroundings. Breakfast and 5 meals are included in the price, plus a day trip to Granada where you could even visit the stunning Alhambra Palace. I would love for someone to benefit from this fantastic offer and experience getting away with such like minded people, it really is great soul- food, and does wonders for self confidence, personal growth!

Happy summer to everyone and remember to give yourself a well deserved break in between your planking!

Esmee x

Relax with us at El Molino Del Conde